Nanba Meaning in English

If you have come to this article then you definitely want to know Nanba Meaning in English. In order to understand its meaning, it is very important for you to know the English language, because if your language is good, then the meaning can be understood well.

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Nanba is a Tamil word. Which means friend or buddy. This word is used to call a friend in a friendly way in Tamilnadu.

In Tamil

Nanba நன்பா

Here the meaning in tamil is given because this word is used more in this language and it was necessary to use it to explain the meaning.


  • Hello my dear friend ( nanba) how are you I missed you.
  • Let’s go for a walk my dear friend ( nanba)
  • Where were you friend ( nanba)
Nanba Meaning in English

Uses in Sentence

  • Nanba (Friend) I need your help?
  • Nanba (Friend) , what are you doing tonight?

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