459 Meaning In English

If you’ve ever used a mobile in the past, you’ve surely needed to remember which numbers correspond to words. As nowadays we use smart phones, we don’t need to remember many things, we can easily type a paragraph. We can easily trace the number 459 because we remember when we used mobile phones with dial pads.

Children of the nineties and early 2000s will surely know about this. But here we have to know what the numbers of last 459 mean and for what purpose they are used. In today’s article, we are going to talk about why these numbers are so special, so let’s get started.

What Does 459 Means?

If we look and think about it, the number 459 feels almost like a normal number like all the other numbers we use. But number 459 is used as a very important and special message because it means I love you.

If you have used a mobile with dial pad, then 4 numbers are combined with I, 5 numbers are combined with Love and 9 numbers are combined with you and used as I Love You. It is also used by us as informal language, for example when we speak to someone in-formally with numbers in code-wording, we choose such words. This is an easy cute and very unique way to say I love you to someone with up numbers.

Text Code

459 is a text code used as a golden message. Actually this number was obtained from the layout of the mobile. This is a declarative sentence.

459 Meaning In English

How 549 stands I Love You

I= 4, L=5, Y=9 on a cell phone dial number

Other Ways To Say I Love You

There are many other ways in which we can assure someone of our love and say I love you in a very special way and in a nice way. Some people use short words like ILY. Some says 143 and some people say 459. Another way is 831. Which means that 8 letters 3 words and 1 meaning.

143 Stands For

459 is similar to 143 as it also means i lo u but they both correspond to the alphabets. For example, we can think of this as if the word I has a single word, then it is mapped to 1. Love has 4 letters so it corresponding with 4 and the word you has 3 lettter so it mapped with 3. All these words make a number 143.

Some numbers have some special properties that are used to identify any object. It is worth noting that numbers are very important because we use numbers throughout our lives for many things such as paying bills, buying and selling things.

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Therefore, numbers are very important in the life of any person. Let’s take an example like we have a number 911 then first thing when we hear this number what comes in our mind either it is the incident of 911 or An emergency number comes to mind.

Let’s take another example, 1947, if we read or hear this number, we immediately think of the year of independence. It doesn’t matter which way you express your love to someone, you can say it the way you feel comfortable.

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