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Unfaithful ( Adjective )

A person who is false in fulfilling his promises is called a person who is negligent in fulfilling his duties.

If someone is unfaithful to his partner or married partner, he is called unfaithful. It means that he is involved in sexual relationship with someone else.

For example, her husband has been unfaithful to her several times since they got married.

Art often becomes a medium to express the inexpressible. We’ll explore how artists use various forms, including poetry and prose, to articulate the pain and complexity of Bewafa.

Unfaithful examples in sentence

  • She never thought that Nick would be unfaithful(Bewafa) to her
  • You cannot be Bewafa to him if you have done it
  • Won’t she get angry if her partner is Bewafa to her?

Unfaithfull synonyms

  • Deceptive
  • dishonest
  • disloyal
  • false
  • perfidious
  • traitouous
  • treacherous
  • underhanded
  • False hearted

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Unfaithful(Befawa) Antonyms

  • Aid
  • stay
  • be quiet
  • keep secret
  • assist
  • be faithful
  • defend
  • protect
  • help
  • be loyal
  • hide
  • support

Now you must be thinking that here we are telling the meaning of Bewafa, but I don’t know why unfaithful is being told here, actually this is the meaning of unfaithful in English.

Bewafa Meaning In English

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