Geetanjali Salon Price List Updated in May 2024

Geetanjali Salon Price List 2024: If you have come to this post, then you must have gone to the salon. You want to know about the price date of Geetanjali Salon. This salon is one of the best salons in India and its demand is getting more and more in the coming times as Frunchize has tried to improve itself in the coming times.

Come on we know what are the rates going on in this loan we will tell you about the rates of almost every style if any left then you can comment below.

With more than 150 locations and more than 4000 employees, Gitanjali India is one of the most well-known and well-liked salons in India. All of their salons are exquisitely created, furnished, and adorned. People appreciate going to these salons and receiving services from them.

Geetanjali Salon Services Prices List 2024

They have a great staff, they give facilities that impress the customer, and a salon should have such facilities because satisfied customers help any business run well. The salon places a high value on client service. This salon has several branches in India, in both big and small places.

Geetanjali Salon Services Prices List 2023

Services Of Geetanjali Salon

Geetanjali Salon can provide you a wide range of services, and you can benefit greatly from them in terms of comfort and enjoyment. The following services are available at your neighborhood salon; if you wish to use them, go there and relax.

  • Haircut services
  • Bridal Makeup
  • Pre bridal Makeup
  • Party Makeup
  • Padicure
  • Manicure
  • Style
  • Face Rituals
  • Body Spa
  • Nail Bar
  • Skin Rituals

The cost of all these services is explained below.

Locations Of Geetamjali Salon

This salon is present in different cities of India whose location we tell you below:

Puna, Gurugram, Delhi, Mumbai, Faridabad,Sonipat, Kanpur, Lucknow,

Jammu, Ranchi, Dehradun, Agra, Ludhiana, Bhubaneswar, Amritsar,

Chandigrah, Noida, Ghazibad, Patna and some more cities where this saloon give their services to their customer.

Haircut Services For Male

Geetanjali Salon offers a wide range of hair services to cater to all your styling needs. Whether you’re looking for a trendy haircut, a color transformation, or a relaxing hair spa, you’ll find it here.

Haircut by creative director israni₹4720
Kids Haircut boys under 5 years₹354
Hair Styaling₹177

Haircut Service for Female

Haircut by creative director israni₹7080
Haircut with wash₹885
Kids haircut girls under 5 years₹475
Split Ends Removal Price₹594
Fringe and Flick cut₹233
With out Wash Haircut₹705

Stylish Hair Price List For Female

Type of Hair StyleTimePrice
Outcurls30 Min₹532
Volume Styling30 Min₹531
Wringlets30 Min₹708
Inturns30 Min₹531
Hair Updo45 Min₹1,180
Volume Styling30 Min₹531

Hair Spa Price List

Hair Spa₹826
Loreal Mix Hair Spa₹944
Loreal Mythic₹1,413

Geetanjali Hair Coloring Price ( Men )

Color Chunks₹472
Highligts Colour₹2,360
Old colour remova₹1,380
Majirel global colour₹1,480
Mjirel root refresh₹1,061
Inoa global colour₹1,062

Geetanjali Hair Treatment Price (Female)

Moisturizing treatment₹944
Express treatment₹2,125
Exprience Treatment₹3,305
Dose treament₹1,413
Botanica treatment₹4,731
Smart bond treatment₹1,186

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Hair Straightening and Hair curling (Female)

Hair curling premium₹5,903
Hair straightening straight therapy₹7,674

Geetanjali Face Facial Price

We understand the importance of healthy and glowing skin. Our skincare experts are here to help you achieve the complexion of your dreams.

Geetanjali facial₹ 1,676
lock shine and glow facial₹ 2,952
lock ocean facial₹ 2,850
lock vitamin C facial₹3,304
lock oxygen facial₹3,205
skin lightning facia₹4,130
Anti aging facial₹4,721
white shine facial₹4,720
Emminence sensi balance facial₹3,540

Geetanjali Face Pack And Clean Up Prices

Geetanjali Mask₹708
Black Mask₹592
Skeyndor Mask₹1770
D- Tan Clean Up₹1781
Pore Clean Up₹2360
Skeyndor Insta Clean Up₹3550
Skeyndor Calmagic Clean Up₹2950

Geetanjali Face Pack and Clean up Prices

Geetanjali Face Pack and Clean up Prices
Type of Face PackTimePrice
Geetanjali Mask30 Min₹708
Black Mask20 Min₹590
Skeyndor Mask30 Min₹1,770
D-Tan Clean Up45 Min₹1,769
Pore Clean Up45 Min₹2,359
Skeyndor Insta Clean Up45 Min₹3,539
Skeyndor Calmagic Clean Up45 Min₹2,950

Make Up Prices

Type of Make UpTimePrice
Light Makeup45 Min₹3,540
Bridal Makeup90 Min₹11,800
Occasion Makeup60 Min₹7,080
Only Half-Face Trial Makeup30 Min₹1,180
Only Half Face Air Brush Trial Makeup30 Min₹1,179
Air Brush Light Makeup45 Min₹5,900
Light Makeup45 Min₹3,539
Air Brush Bridal Makeup90 Min₹14,750
Air Brush Occasion Makeup60 Min₹8,850

Massage & Spa Geetanjali Price List

Type of Massage and SpaTimeSpa
Cuccio Foot Spa45 Min₹1,770
Coconut Oil Head Massage30 Min₹589
Almond Oil Head Massage30 Min₹710
Olive Oil Head Massage30 Min₹649
Classic Body Polishing60 Min₹3,539
Oil Body Spa60 Min₹2,359
Signature Body Polishing60 Min₹4,720

Body Bleach Prices for Female

Type of BodyTimePrices
Bleach – Hand15 Min₹235
Bleach – Half Arms20 Min₹472
Face Bleach20 Min₹589
Feet Bleach15 Min₹235
Half Legs Bleach20 Min₹472
Half Front Bleach20 Min₹472
Full Arms Bleach30 Min₹710
Full Leg Bleach30 Min₹710
Full Front Bleach30 Min₹708
Body D Tan20 Min₹708

Geetanjali Hair Removal Threading Price List

Hair Remove ThreadingTimePrice
Chin Threading10 Min₹59
Threading Eyebrows15 Min₹83
Forehead10 Min₹59
Full Face Threading30 Min₹530
Lower Lip10 Min₹59
Upper Lip Threading10 Min₹59

Geetanjali Waxing & Hair Removal Price Menu

Waxing & Hair RemovalTimePrice
Flavoured Wax – Arms30 Min₹710
Flavoured Wax – Legs30 Min₹708
Under Arms Wax10 Min₹177
Full Front Wax30 Min₹1,180
Half Fornt Waxing20 Min₹589
Flavoured Wax – Half Back20 Min₹589
Flavoured Wax – Full Back30 Min₹1,180
Full Body – Flavoured Wax75 Min₹3,539
Regular Wax – Legs30 Min₹472
Regular Wax – Arms30 Min₹472

Geetanjali Nail Manicure

Nail ManicureTimePrice
Classic Manicure30 Min₹530
Geetanjali Crystal Manicure30 Min₹767
Ice Cream Manicure45 Min₹1,179
Geetanjali Luxury Manicure45 Min₹1,417

Geetanjali Salon Branches

It is very important for you to know the branches of this Geetanjali Salon in which major cities, I am providing you a list below, you can see there, it will be easy for you to find the salon in any major city.

  • Pitampura
  • Paschim Vihar
  • Rajouri
  • Ashok Vihar
  • Janakpuri
  • Kamla Nagar
  • Civil Lines
  • Dwarka
  • Patel Nagar
  • ATS Noida
  • Mall of India
  • Gurgaon,
  • Jaipur
  • Mumbai
  • Ranchi
  • Lucknow

They have a few types of membership which we mention below:

Types Of Membership

  • Private Membership
  • Bronze Edition
  • Silver Edition
  • Black Edition
How to Get Membership of Geetajali Salon?


Let me tell you about my visit to a Geetanjali Salon and how I obtained its rates. I am from a little town. This salon is not nearby, so I must travel to a larger city. But I was worried that they wouldn’t ask for extra money when I went to the salon. I didn’t have a lot of money. My buddies used to tell me that if you go to a major salon, you have to pay to sit there, so I was aware.

What occurred was that I went to town one day and was shown the Geetanjali Salon. This salon is said to be excellent. Then, because I had the money, I said, “Let’s see what happens.” The quality of the work. I entered the salon and sat. I was provided with excellent facilities. I was given a variety of items. There was a wonderful mood. When it came time for me to go to work, they were really nice. They performed my makeup and so on, and when I was finished, they gently handed me the bill. So far, very little has been revealed.

How to Get Membership of Geetajali Salon?

While Geetanjali Salon offers several services to its consumers, it also offers membership. We don’t have to pay for membership over and again after we become a member and purchase it.

Geetajali Salon

Private Membership

In this type of membership, you get up to 20% off every time you visit the Geetanjali Salon. This membership card has a minimum validity of one year and all taxes and extra charges are applicable. You can enjoy this membership with family and friends.

Bronze Edition

When you pay cash for this membership costing $10,000, you will receive services worth $13,000; it is non-refundable, and its services are only available for a short time. This membership card may only be used if you did not buy the membership.

Silver Edition

After buying this membership card worth 15 thousand, you can avail services up to 21 thousand, all terms and conditions are applicable.

Black Edition

After buying this membership of 50 thousand you can get services up to 80 thousand and all terms and conditions will be a

This service is available for every company and salon, if you keep getting regular work done by it, it will give special discount offer to the salon as you have become their customer who gets work done daily and Daily benefit is getting so you will keep getting special offer

Explore the variations in haircut pricing based on factors like style and complexity.The simple Hair Cut Price ₹4720.

Geetanjali Studio

Geetanjali Studio stands as an epitome of artistic prowess in makeup application. Renowned for its avant-garde approach, the studio focuses on pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons in beauty aesthetics. The makeup artists at Geetanjali Studio are not just professionals; they are visionaries, adept at translating your ideas into breathtaking visual realities.

Final Words

I have tried to tell you here in such a way that you all can understand well here hope that my effort has been successful. I don’t change anything, so please let me know by commenting and I will try to update this post. Because you know that the rates of anything do not stay the same and change over time, so we may not be able to update these rates if we forget, so I have given you the option. You can tell in the comment below.

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